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Fakultät für Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik
Third Party Projects


Agentenbasierte Simulation für einen ganzheitlichen Planungsprozess mit einer optimierten Handlungsempfehlung unter Berücksichtigung der Altersstruktur der bestehenden Betriebsmittel

The current challenges of energy system transformation significantly influence the supply task in distribution networks and require consideration in the planning process. While current planning practice tends to over-dimension the networks, the research project develops a holistic approach to distribution network planning that allows for the consideration of the requirements and flexibilities posed while optimising investments.

The planned combination of agent-based time series simulation and risk-based expansion planning optimisation, taking into account the age structure of the existing operating resources, promises the possibility of adequately assessing the requirements resulting from the energy system transformation. Agent-based modelling of the individual grid users allows the grid usage requirements to be estimated taking into account multi-dimensional dependencies and the possible development paths to be assessed by varying the scenarios. The resulting capacity utilisation situations are then statistically evaluated and an optimised investment strategy is determined. In the optimisation process, conventional network expansion options are evaluated against a flexibility call and the optimised network expansion strategy is transferred to the time series simulation. This feedback makes a detailed evaluation of the optimisation possible for the first time.

Project duration: 04/2016 - 03/2019