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IDEAL – Impedanzregler und Dezentrales Engpassmanagement zur autonomen Leistungsflusskoordinierung

Due to the increasing volatile feed-in of decentralised energy plants into the distribution grid level, there are more and more grid bottlenecks in high and medium voltage, which lead to an increasing need for grid expansion. New possibilities for increasing the degree of utilisation of existing networks arise from the use of impedance controllers for power flow control in the high voltage. In order to develop a targeted and reactive congestion management, a coordination of different intervention possibilities in the grid is necessary. The aim of the research project "Impedance Controllers and Decentralised Congestion Management for Autonomous Power Flow Coordination" (IDEAL) is the development of an autonomous multi-agent system for optimised power flow coordination with impedance controllers for the high voltage level, taking into account available flexibilities from the medium voltage. To determine the availability of the flexibilities of subordinate grid levels, a grid state estimation is performed. The practicability of the system is to be demonstrated on a functional model with a real-time simulation in the Smart Grid Technology Lab. Finally, a validation of the network state estimation will be carried out by a field test in real medium-voltage networks.

Project duration: 08/2016 - 07/2019

Project Partners

ASL Services GmbH | PSI Software AG | Stadtwerk Haßfurt GmbH | Stadtwerke Kelheim GmbH & Co. KG | TU Dortmund Communications Networks Institute

Associated partners:
Accantas Ltd. & Co. KG | Smart Wires Inc.


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