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Simulation Benchmark

For research topics in the field of analysis, planning and operational management of distribution networks as well as transmission networks, detailed network models are required, and in some cases they must be as realistic as possible. The main goal of the project "Simulation Benchmark" is the development of a benchmark data set for solutions in these areas. Major advantages are the independence from confidential data of network operators and an increased comparability of research results in this area. The suitability of the benchmark data set to make research results comparable is to be ensured and validated on a scientifically sound basis. The dataset, which is freely available after the end of the project, contains a grid level spanning model from high to low voltage, enriched by generation, load and storage time series. The dataset is designed for a wide range of use cases, thus ensuring versatile applicability.

The sub-project of the TU Dortmund University comprises...

  •     the specification of a uniform modelling basis,
  •     the generation of a low voltage network model,
  •     the production of time series for generating plants, and

Project duration: 11/2015 - 04/2019

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