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A Global as well as Local Flexibility Marketplace to Demonstrate Grid Balancing Mechanisms through Crosssectoral Interconnected and Integrated Energy Ecosystems enabling Automatic Flexibility Trading

The main objective of GLocalFlex is to mobilise demand-response solutions & services in replicated manner for prompt horizontal scaling of flexible local energy systems (LES) by means of easy access and low barrier energy flexibility markets to increase the participation of the consumers across all energy-sectors. The GLocalFlex approach promotes viable interoperable solutions and products at all levels of the grid (consumers, producers, retailers, aggregators & market) by selecting modular standards and tools during development. It allows the overall system of systems to be 1) flexible by means of energy use to provide quality services to grid and 2) flexible by means of its own evolution (to change, upgrade or integrate several appliances, consumers and microgrids to create complex but viable cross-sectoral energy ecosystems). The GLocalFlex concept will allow any Local Energy System (LES), Positive Energy District(PED), community, or appliance to evolve in a consistent way and offer flexibility using suitable hardware add-ons in a cost-effective and systematic manner to expose their full flexible potential. GLocalFlex concept can adopt to any LES size, availability of local resources and regulations. This project will demonstrate near real time, large scale, flexibility trading in six different field locations in Europe. It has consumer and system centric pilots that develop flexibility services and replicate them within the pilot group. The GLocalFlex aims to have completely automated, machine-to-machine flexibility trading and flexibility order execution in LES by means of open, interoperable energy flexibility market and open standard based IT-tools that allows more flexibility consumers to join the market. Therefore, GLocalFlex will push forward the overall integration of disruptive renewable technologies and enhancing the stability of the grid at the same time.

  • Project duration: 01/2023 - 12/2026

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