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Fakultät für Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik
Research Groups

Power System Stability & Operation (PSSO)

The Power System Stability & Operation (PSSO) group strives to contribute to the energy transition by identifying emerging challenges in power system stability and operation and by combining novel technologies in order to drive the reliability, cost-efficiency and sustainability of tomorrow’s power system operation. The challenges investigated by the PSSO incorporate the increasing volatility and uncertainty of generation on the one hand and rising levels of potentially problematic simultaneity of consumption on the other and their impact on stability and operation. Therefore, coordination of generation and load is of crucial importance to a continued reliable operation of power systems. Thus, we aim to advance the level of dynamic coordination and automation in power systems while driving forward the integration of modern generation units and consumers that primarily rely on power electronics. Our focus regarding these tasks is on creating and testing robust controllers and operational strategies with detailed modelling of the power system dynamics in combination with novel approaches such as hybrid systems and artificial intelligence. The assessment of power system stability is carried on multiple levels, from simulations to lab- and field-tests, whereas the increasing dependency on functional communication (ICT) is also taken into account.

Research Areas

Integration of RES regarding changing network dynamics
System integration of innovative grid control devices
Autonomous Control Schemes for Curative Power Flow Control
Interdependency between ICT and Energy Systems
TSO/DSO interaction and Ancillary Services considering Distribution Grid Dynamics