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Fakultät für Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik
Smart Grid Technology Lab

Test Benches for Voltage Regulation Equipment

The laboratory has a test bench for on-load-tap-changer (OLTC) transformers. For this purpose, there is a free connection point at the 10 kV voltage level. The test bench is powered by a 10 kV / 10 kV ±10% OLTC transformer, which can simulate voltage fluctuations from the medium voltage grid. On the low voltage side, voltage fluctuations can be modeled via a connection to the low voltage test grid. The voltage fluctuations can be generated either directly or based on different feed-in and load situation at different grid parameters.

In addition, there is a test bench for line-voltage-regulators. With this test bench a line-voltage-regulator can be connected into the line of the low voltage test grid and can be monitored by several  measurement devices. Via the low voltage test grid, voltage fluctuations can be modeled directly or the influence of the voltage regulator can be analyzed for different feed-in and load situation with different grid parameters.