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Fakultät für Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik
Research Groups

Energy System Design & Transmission Grids

The research group "Energy System Design & Transmission Grids" focuses on the holistic development and evaluation of sustainable transmission grid infrastructures and energy system designs. The analyses are based on the European energy market and transmission grid simulation framework MILES developed at ie³, which has already been used in numerous system studies and is constantly being further developed.

Research Areas

  • Modelling and forecasting of the regional expansion of renewable energies at sea and on land under continuously changing political conditions
  • Simulation of the European electricity market to analyze the future use of generation units and storage facilities as well as electricity trading as a result of different electricity market designs
  • Consideration of uncertainties in transmission grid planning in energy systems increasingly characterized by renewable energies
  • Development of solutions to meet the increased need for flexibility, taking into account an increasing coupling of the sectors: electricity, heat and transport
  • Determination or dimensioning of the balancing power requirement taking into account new technologies and marketing concepts
  • Execution of transmission grid analyses to determine future congestion management needs and to identify changed requirements for future grid structures
  • Derivation of targeted transmission grid reinforcement and grid expansion measures to ensure reliable and at the same time economical grid operation within the scope of target grid planning
  • Technical-economic evaluation and prioritization of such measures

Team Members

Research Assistant Nils Offermann, M.Sc. (Group Leader)
Research Assistant Charlotte Biele, M.Sc.
Research Assistant Simon Kammerer, M.Sc.
Research Assistant David Kröger, M.Sc.
Research Assistant Martin Lindner, Dipl.-Ing.
Research Assistant Marius Masuch, M.Sc.
Research Assistant Milijana Teodosic, M.Sc.
Research Assistant Felix Wedding, M.Sc.