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Fakultät für Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik
Third Party Projects


Flexible virtuelle Nachbildung von OT-Netzwerken in der Energieversorgung

In the FlexONet project, a process model for the creation of virtual images of station functions is being developed and transferred into a framework approach for automated, tool-controlled implementation. For this purpose, conventional engineering approaches are to be taken into account and integrated into the overall context of virtual laboratory infrastructures. The virtual laboratory infrastructure is to extend real infrastructures in order to realize tests of automation systems, which were only possible to a limited extent in the past due to limitations. By means of live process data (measured values, status values), realistic scenarios are to be simulated within the FlexONet setup. By using flexible virtualization approaches (e.g. container technologies), functionalities that are to be applied within a local network station in the future can be verified as close to reality as possible. The resulting virtualization enables application developments to be carried out in separate and secure environments, which are so detailed that additional testing effort in real target environments is minimized or even avoided. The resulting virtual environment can thus act as a test environment for the development of virtual station functions and realize the implementation and automated execution of different test scenarios.

  • Project Duration: 9/2023 - 08/2026