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Fakultät für Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik
Research Groups

Smart Grid Technologies

The research group deals with the transformation of the existing distribution network into a Smart Grid. For this purpose, applications, as well as functions and algorithms, are considered that will enable a technically viable and sustainable distribution network of the future. In addition to the analytical and simulation-related consideration, the research group has two laboratories at its disposal. The laboratories are used for analysis, development and validation. A core component of this is the (power) hardware in the loop environment using real time simulations. The research group is divided into two sub-teams, Smart Grid Technology Lab and Protection & Automation, which together work on the following research topics:

Research Areas

  • Smart grid applications
  • Protection and automation functions for smart grids
  • Voltage control and congestion management
  • Grid integration of electric vehicles
  • Power / controller hardware in the loop tests
  • Standardized engineering and test processes for smart grids


Here you can find open positions in our labs.


Team Members

Protection & Automation

Group Leader Sebastian Raczka (M.Sc.)
Research Associate Felix Goeke (M.Sc.)
Research Associate Thomas Schwierz (M.Sc.)
Research Associate Svenja Joseph (M.Sc.)

Smart Grid Technology Lab

Group Leader & Head of Smart Grid Technology Lab Dr.-Ing. Alfio Spina
Research Associate Marcel Esser (M.Sc.)
Research Associate Robert Jahn (M.Sc.)
Research Associate Julia Schmeing (M.Sc.)