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Fakultät für Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik
Competence Center

NRW Kompetenzzentrum Elektromobilität Infrastruktur und Netze

at TU Dortmund University

© Kompetenzzentrum für Elektromobilität

The Competence Center NRW Kompetenzzentrum Elektromobilität Infrastruktur und Netze at the ie³ Institute for Energy Systems, Energy Efficiency and Energy Economics of the TU Dortmund coordinates and bundles activities of science and companies in the fields of electromobility and energy system transformation.  The Competence Center for e-mobility infrastructure and power grids is part of the Smart Grid Technology Lab and provides a joint multidisciplinary testing platform for interoperable electromobility, infrastructure and networks. Electromobility is understood here as a cross-sectional technology of the energy system of the future. It combines the requirements but also the great opportunities of the energy transformation: Decentralized storage, flexible loads, intelligent consumers, fluctuating generation, renewable energies, etc. Combining all of this with people's increasing demand for mobility qualifies the Competence Center at the TU Dortmund University as a place of progress. It is all about thinking the future.

The aim of the competence center is to create a meaningful link between decentralized generators, intelligent loads and flexible storage systems in order to meet the challenges of the energy transformation and at the same time generate technological progress that leads to marketable innovations.

Since energy system transformation and electromobility are issues in the context of society as a whole, the Competence Center is not only pursuing its scientific and technical activities, but is also taking the path of transferring the results and theses generated to society. This is done, for example, by actively shaping municipal citizen participation concepts and through close cooperation with municipalities and associations.