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Fakultät für Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik
Verbundvorhaben MOPPL

Modellkopplung zur integrierten Optimierung langfristiger Transformationspfade – Koevolution, Koordination und Robustheit unter Berücksichtigung verschiedener Systemebenen

The project MOPPL deals with the integration of hydrogen (H2) technologies for decarbonizing the energy system. This transition is influenced by interdependencies between sectors, international markets, German and European policies, and expansion strategies for conversion assets and infrastructure.

To investigate the implications of different H2-strategies, an integrated model for natural gas-, H2-, electricity- and CO2-markets considering their infrastructures, stakeholders, and regulatory policies is necessary.

The main focus of this project is the development of a mathematical procedure to couple the individual infrastructure models in a Bender's decomposition approach. The method is applied in analyses for investigation of flat optima, derivation of robust transformation paths, and coordination between different system levels (e. g. transport and distribution level) considering policy-steering instruments (e.g. addition ratios).

The project enhances the insights into consequences of mid-term decision making, e. g. regarding funding schemes for H2 technologies, to achieve long-term climate targets. The proposed coupling approach allows for improved infrastructure planning strategies with a high degree of spatial and modelling detail while incorporating European interdependencies

  • Project duration: 08/2022 - 07/2025


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