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Third Party Projects


Environmentally friendly, customer friendly and comprehensive high power charging

The objective of the high power charging research project is to develop innovative high power charging systems that can be operated in urban and rural areas in an environmentally friendly, customer friendly and comprehensive manner at the low voltage level. Such a high power charging system will be able to charge up to two electric vehicles simultaneously with a maximum total output power of up to 400 kW. To ensure that this high charging power does not lead to bottlenecks in the grid, a battery storage system supports the charging process with locally buffered energy. The battery storage unit provides the electrical energy within a short time period according to the end user’s wishes as well as the electric vehicle’s compatibility. The storage unit itself can be filled over longer periods of time with lower power either via the grid connection or via existing decentralized and renewable generators.

The ie3 investigates in particular the integration of such high power charging systems into the low voltage grid within the Smart Grid Technology Lab. Furthermore, the institute analyzes how such charging solutions can offer system services to support grid stability by using hardware-in-the-loop simulations.

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Project Partners:  ef.Ruhr, (Compleo Charging Solutions)

Project Duration: 05/2020 – 04/2024


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