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Smart Grid Automation System

The aim of the SGAS project is to develop functional prototypes of a smart grid automation system into a market-ready product. The smart grid automation system is a hardware and software architecture for measuring, monitoring, controlling, automating and protecting electrical distribution networks, in particular local network stations. The system enables grid operators to increase supply reliability and reduce grid expansion requirements. The outstanding feature of this architecture is the fully modular and flexible function implementation and the strict separation of software and hardware. This meets the requirement of being able to adapt the system dynamically, quickly and cost-effectively to changing network requirements. This approach is complemented by a fully integrated engineering and configuration process, which is mandatory for implementation in electrical distribution networks.

While the idea of a smart grid automation system has already been pursued in various research projects at the Technical University of Dortmund, the systems implemented to date have always been functional models based on commercially available power quality measuring devices. Within the scope of the project, these functional models will be further developed into the first real prototypes using hardware to be specified, which will then reach an industrial maturity as required by the market.

In addition to the further development of the systems, discussions will also begin at an early phase during the project to present the systems to technology partners and potential customers. The feedback obtained in this way will be used to optimize the implementations as well as for the upcoming foundation. The aim is to win pilot customers already in this phase and to convince them to carry out initial pilot projects after project completion.

  • Project Duration: 10/2021 - 03/2023

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