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Universelles Leistungsmanagement in der Niederspannung

The project objective is to create a way to integrate more renewable energy generation plants and consumers without overloading the grid. Furthermore, it should enable the monitoring and/or observability of the grid during operation. Conventional grid expansion should be avoided, or at least delayed, as far as possible by using a power management system and the use of additional grid components, e.g. storage facilities. The results already obtained in the previous EOSG project will be used as a basis.

Schematic pricture of the ULN-System © ie3

In the described project, a stand-alone power management system will be developed that exploits the intelligence of smart grid components to meet the requirements of network operators, producers and consumers while reducing CO2 and other climate-relevant emissions. A concrete grid section on the campus of AVU GmbH in Gevelsberg is used to demonstrate the functionality of the performance management system. In addition, further tests during off-nominal operating network conditions, are executed in the Smart Grid Technology Lab at TU Dortmund University. The pilot network already contains charging points for electric vehicles and a photovoltaic system is being installed during the project duration.  In addition, a electronic controllable local network transformer (ERT) will be installed in the demonstration network area of AVU. Furthermore, a storage device, which still has to be dimensioned, will be integrated at a suitable place in the network to investigate to what extent it can be used to support the network and to reduce transmission losses. The overall layout of the planned pilot network is shown in the project outline below.

Project Partners: AVU Netz GmbH, ct.e GmbH, e.f.Ruhr GmbH

Project Duration: 11/2019 - 10/2022


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